Lease to Own any Home!
Over $1 billion provided to help more than 9,000 people find a new path to Home-ownership.

If you can't qualify for a mortgage because you have had some credit issues like a Bankruptcy ,Foreclosure, Short Sale or you just don't have the Down-Payment yet. Now you can lease the home that you desire while you are rebuilding your credit and keep the upside equity over the agreed upon purchase price. 

The process is simple and fast and you could be in your new home in as little as 30 days.
  1. Find out what you qualify for in 1 day.
  2. Start home shopping the next day.
  3. Find your dream home and we buy it and lease it to you.
  4. We do equity sharing, Build equity while renting.

We give you up to 5 years to purchase the home and you can do so at anytime after the 1st year and while you are leasing the home we will help you rebuild your credit to help you qualify for a loan approval to purchase the home. 

Our goal is for you to become a Homeowner not a life time renter!

  • 2 pay check stubs
  • 1 bank statement
  • Combined household Gross income (before taxes) over $50,000 a year
  • Credit score above 525 (Free credit repair service if score is below 525)

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Leonard & Dawn Aubry
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